Zombs Royale

In this game where you can try all the ways to survive on a planet surrounded by zombies, you will have a time of horror but you will also have a perfect time. You will survive by fighting the zombies and collecting the highest points during this time. For this you have to have very strong strategies and of course you have enough equipment. The bullets are not unlimited, but you will have enough resources to fill your arsenal. You should best assess your resources. Because believe the zombies will not leave you alone and will try to kill you. You have to be very careful, a little mistake or a short fool can ruin everything.

At the beginning of the game, a plane will carry you with parachutes in an area full of zombies. When you come to the field, you will walk naked. Of course, armed or knifed zombies will attack you as soon as they arrive. You do not have to wait long to get a weapon. You can see thousands of guns around. Take these weapons and start attacking. It’s time to clear the map from the zombies. Of course you will have to hide well until then. You can hide behind thick stones for this…

All About Zombs Royale io

Battle royale and fantasy-adventure-style games such as Zombs Royale, Zombs.io and Spinz.io have been put on the market this year by Yang and Jeremiah, developers. The game has taken its place among the most played io games as a very popular game. With about 200,000 users, this game is an online multi-player game.

Zombs Royale, which you can play for free, is one of the most enjoyable games of io games. You can play for free through any Browser. On our web site, you can enter your username in the game login section and press “Play” button and you can start playing immediately. You can select the desired mode as Solo or Group. Of course, you can install add-ons for different weapons, different maps and special abilities.

When you jump from parachute, make sure you land on the right map. This is because if you fall into a map that is connected to you and does not start the game, you can play with amateur players in this case. Surrounded by poisonous gases, this area should feed well and fight zombies to survive. You can kill zombies with your fists or other weapons.

How To Play?

With W, A, S, D or mouse you can change direction and move. Use the M key to view the map. Use the E key to communicate with other online friends. Use the mouse ‘s softkey to use the weapon. And of course, right click to open the Expression list. At the same time you can use R to reload. The game is quite enjoyable and a great game. Are you ready to test?