Shell Shockers

Are you ready for a unique gaming experience? You should destroy all the enemies with a little egg. Yeah! A small egg. Is not that funny? But with this perfect game you will leave your stress and boredom to a corner. You will create wonders with this game which will be a great alternative to the PC games that you play constantly and have the same scenario. You will acquire the entire planet with weapons in your hand and domination will be yours. You should be on the top list. Become the survivor and collect the greatest points and win the prizes!

With Shell Shockers, a small egg and your own weapons, you will compete to be the most powerful Musketeer on the planet. With Shell Shockers, the online multi-player game played by thousands of gamers, you will have all your stress and enjoyable time. You will be able to change the skin in this perfect game you can play with your friends and play a game full of adventures in different mappings. Although the game is based on a fairly simple fiction, challenging competitors will be waiting for you. You have to do your best because all your opponents will be waiting for you hungry. Everybody is real and all your opponents are pretty strong. So you?

All About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers was recently created by the Egg and Dairy Ministry of Belarus in September 2017 as the most popular fiction-and-killer-style game and was released to the market in the same year. The game, which has about 100 thousand users today, gives great pleasure. In the vote you will try to remove a small egg and the weapons you will possess and the targets around you. It is very difficult to progress in this easy-to-play game. And very strong opponents will be waiting for you. You must have a strong strategy and great insights. At the same time you will have to manage your weapons well.

How To Play?
You can play this game on your browser or Android operating system, which you can play with pc, tablet and phone. There is no need to download the game you can play for free. With you can play using any Browser on your PC or you can play on your smart devices via our Responsive site.
With the WASD or IJKL keys you will be able to move and move. You can press the left mouse button to squeeze the weapon. Use the E or U keys to change weapons. You can use it to reload R or Y. And of course the space bar will be waiting for you to jump.
You can add attachments for tricks, such as changing skin, playing with your friends, flying, invisibility, and more. To experience a better game experience with us, you can immediately enter your username on the Home screen and start playing immediately with the “Play” button…

Shell Shockers

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