Cat Ninja

Cute Ninja cat is trapped in a maze. Help us with our ninjas. Use your computer mouse and arrow key to find the correct way. Pass our ninjas on various levels and release the ninjas.
You will be very outgoing with Ninja Cat, a great cat game that you can play on your browser. You will have an excellent gaming experience with Ninja Cat, which draws attention with its similarity to Super Mario and is inspired by this game from almost all parts. Although it seems easy, it is really hard to continue with this cat. Although it seems easy in the beginning, you are confident that you will have difficulty in the real sense in the next sections. Of course, if you are careful and if you animate the entire screenplay of the divisional division in your mind, the situation may change.
Ninja Cat is one of the most popular Browser-based games of the recent times. You can play without loading the game from your favorite browser. You can play the game for free through our website. To do this, click on the game and click on the Play tab.
All About Ninja Cat
In order to play the game you will need to be using the latest version of Flash technology. Of course, note that it is compatible with your browser. This game is a browser based game that was launched on the market in 2017 and the game was created with a classic Super Mario style fiction. The game, which is anonymously marketed, satisfies gamers with its advanced interface and dozens of different maps. When you want it, you can play from your mobile devices through the internet and play due to the Responsive feature on our website.
The game consists of dozens of different maps and hundreds of different levels. In order to jump every level, first you will be trapped and waiting for gaps. You will pass these dangers and collect points. On the later levels, you will be monsters and different traps. You must be careful and keep in mind your progress in this action-packed adventure. Otherwise you may have to constantly make the same mistake. Enjoyable games…

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